The "Principle of conservation of the affect" and the various applications of the  "Method of conservation of the affect", thanks to their clear association between decision and effective neuron functioning, provides systematic and rigorous criteria, which allow us to evaluate whether an individual, organisation or society is in the learning or unlearning process; additionally they provide unambiguous indicators of sustainability.


Consulting: the methods applicable to individuals as well as organisations and groups establish improvement with productivity, creativity and affective wellbeing objectives. The "Method of conservation of the affect" and its variations is a registered procedure.

Seminars : these explain what neuronal reversibility consists of and its consequences on decision-making. All human actions are preceded by learning or unlearning, which modifies our neuronal configuration and consequently conditions our subsequent decisions.

Discussions and conferences: during these the importance of distinguishing emotions from what is actually love is explained in order to achieve affective wellbeing and consequently develop stable links and develop the talent of family members. 


Supporting material

Books : self-help and guidebooks that act as support material to the consulting, the discussions and conferences.

Websites: aimed at different groups or sectors.